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About The New Hudson Exit


THE NEW HUDSON EXIT is a collective of artists and writers formed in 2012 to share digital art, electronic music and selected prose and poetry pieces.

Although you will find a diverse number of art styles on this site, our primary focus is on NetArt; that is art wherein the visual media relies upon programming and a viewer's interaction to be discovered. NetArt pioneers such as Olia Lianlina, Geoffery Lillemon or Alexei Shulgin developed art that is visually stunning, intellectually provocative and slyly amusing. See the Links sections for ways to see examples of their work.

We think you will find the works of Gracie Harding (Tits and Ass #2)and Michael Townsend (Despair #1) shown here have many of those same characteristics.

This site is the only place you find the works of Eszpebea. Ezbebea is a poet of bridges and sidewalks. The Southgate Bridge series shows three generations of his work created during a four year period. Eszpebea. The original work he produced no longer exists. Similar to what is done with graffiti art, Ezbebea's words and pictures are regularly painted over by the Kentucky Department of Transportation. The photos shown here have captured his ephemeral words and images now lost to layers upon layers of cold grey paint.

The poets Sheila Meiers (Dangerous Condition), Jerrod McKinsey (Snakes), Adenauer Hrbic (Journey Behind The Clouds), Ping Pong Wilson (How to Enrich Uranium the Easy Way) are also presented here, usually in collaboration with a musician, photographer or film maker .

This a digital art sharing site. We will continually expand the works presented here. If you'd like more information about the artists here, follow the hyperlinks on this page or on the menu selection pages. You can always contact them at Contact Us.