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About New Hudson Exit

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This website is maintained by Ralph Beaumont and Arfie Winston. Arfie is the webmaster. Ralph provides the money and gets a bloging column out of it Ralph's Blog. You can contact either on at arfieandralph@gmail.com or through the Contact Us page.

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The NEW HUDSON EXIT was the name of a dance club Arfie Winston helped develop in 1966 as a student in Youngstown OH. The name comes from a freeway exit signed one of Arfie's friends pilfered on a trip earlier that year. Arfie named the dance club after that sign - it had a cool, sixties ring to it. The club only lasted six months but the name lived on. Firstly in a Youngstown, OH rock band that adopted it as their name (you can still find some of their songs on You Tube). And now here.