The New Sheriff In Town

On Friday, President Trump met with Angela Merkel for his first personal meeting with the German Chancellor. Previously he had called Merkel’s policies ‘insane’ and a ‘disaster’ for Germany. He also repeatedly claimed that Germany wasn’t paying their share for NATO and to ante up.

You Don’t Get It? See, First, The English Bombed You Guys And They Bugged Me.

At the conclusion of their daylong meeting, neither leader said a lot about how their overall discussions went. Trump said he brought up the NATO thing; Merkel acknowledged his view. Trump said he expected the United States to do “fantastically well” in trade with Germany. Merkel replied that she hoped the United States would resume trade agreement talks with the European Union soon. Trump seemed not to grasp what negotiations Merkel was referring to.

Turning then towards more familiar territory, Trump told an Obama phone tapping joke Merkel didn’t appear to understand. Then he refused, for some reason, to shake her hand when she offered it twice. That was it.

The next day, Germany’s Das Bild assessed the meeting as: “It could have been a lot worse” which seemed to be about as positive as anyone could be. Trump, of course, disagreed. On Saturday morning during his early morning potty time he tweeted: “Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel,”  perplexing most of us as to what FAKE NEWS he was referring to this time.

It would have been a good stopping point for the President but he could not help himself. Trump then immediately added: “Nevertheless, Germany owes vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!” Of course that is not how NATO works at all, but does it matter? Trump lives in a black and white world of simple stories purporting to explain complex things. It works for him and his millions of idiot savant followers.

He Came For The Kimchi But Just Got Room Service

Spin around the globe and there is Rex Tillerson former petroleum company mogul now running this country’s foreign policy with doofus Donald. Both of them are out to get that bad hombre Kim Jong-un.

So on Saturday, Tillerson is in South Korea fuming after Donald’s Friday morning poopy tweet that North Korea “was behaving very badly’. In a press conference, Tillerson took of the gloves and said nothing is off the table in showing that fat little mutton head his place in the world – including, Rex emphasized, “military options”.

Oh, that’s just the type of talk that gets Kim trembling in his boots. The fleckless dictator responded about how his new rocket engines would shake the earth. Dipshit back to dipshit.

The next day, Tillerson was in China. China is big boy pants land and Tillerson’s tune was completely different. There he endorsed China Foreign Secretary Wang’s statement that “No matter what happens, we have to stay committed to diplomatic means as a way to seek peaceful settlement.”

Kim Jong-un is bound to be confused now. Likely so is Trump. The President was remarkably silent during Sunday’s bowel movement.

All of this is a lot of fun. Goofy guys with no experience in government or diplomacy more or less making it up as they go along. On Sunday, an English columnist in the Telegraph observed that the guardianship of democracy was moving from the United States to Germany. Good for democracy. I just wish it would easier for the rest of us to follow it there too.

Trust Me Angela – There Is No Way In Hell He’d Ever Be Elected!


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An IQ Test For Dummies

So what’s your IQ? You were probably tested in the sixth grade and maybe they told you your score or maybe just your parents or maybe they just wrote it down in your school record and passed it around from teach to teacher year after year periodically making jokes about it over a cup a coffee. If you are black and over forty, your score was meaningless anyhow, but for the teachers, you were ‘just like the other ones.’

Now there is the internet. You can find at least a dozen sites offering ‘free’ IQ tests. Of course nothing is really free on the internet – they want your email address or know your preferences between a half a dozen fast food restaurants or will try to sell you something between questions.

The questions –well the questions are all number or shape questions – figure out the next number in a Fibonacci sequence or the missing geometric shape in a tic-tack-to square. Boring. You have to think too. Plus you have to take two or three of them because they all give you a different score.

So we are offering a truly free alternative that is easy to take. Simply answer a few questions about your lifestyle and you will get an accurate insight to your IQ.

This is not a fine grain test. You won’t get an IQ score out of it. But you will see what side of the Wechsler curve you are on. If you want the actual number, you can spend a bunch of hours taking some of the internet ones. Then pick the score you like best. Our test takes five minutes. Most people find enough about their braininess to move on.

How does it work? It is easy. Start with the WAIS midpoint score of 100. Answer the 26 questions below adding or subtracting from that score.

There is one special trick to the scoring. Once the running total of your score is either 9 points above or below the midpoint (89 or 109), use only half the value of the answers for any additional questions. The theory here is that smart people will tend to keep repeating smart behaviors so we don’t want to make folks who are reasonably smart think they are fucking geniuses. Ditto for stupid.

We guarantee the score you get from this test will be within 5% of your true intelligence measure. You smarties might be vain enough to waste a day taking more tests to refine you score. Most of us are satisfied knowing we are in the average. Stupid people won’t believe their test results anyhow but their friends and spouses will have the satisfaction of know they were right all along.

So here you go:





Less Than Smart Stuff


Owns a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Hummer because they like them.



Owns a Fiat because they like them.



Convicted felon.



Watches Fox News more than six hours a week.



Typically drives in the left hand lane on multi-lane freeways.



Clinically obese.



2016 Presidential Election: Voted for Donald Trump/Jill Stein/Gary Johnson.



2016 Presidential Election: Was eligible to vote in the election but did not.



Did not graduate from high school.



Married before the age of 20.



Science Question: Does not ‘buy in’ to climate change or evolution or childhood vaccinations.



The Sports Question: Played football at least 30% of the time for at least 60 quarters in high school and/or college.



For every heart attack. (multiply score by number of heart attacks.)



More Than Dumb Stuff


Reads a non-politicized newspaper four or more times a week.



Listens (not just background) to music at least seven hours a week.



Plays chess/Go at least four times a month.



Graduate from college.



Invests in some form of real exercise at least four hours a week (bowling, dancing, fishing, hunting, etc. don’t count).



Political Question: knows and can simply explain at least three of the five key elements of the Affordable Care Act.



Has a membership to a zoo or museum.



Does at least four crossword puzzles a week or plays scrabble at least three times a month.



Has had an extramarital affair that lasted six months or more.



As an adult, has vacationed (or worked or lived) in London, Paris or Rome.



Primary car achieves at least 39mpg highway,



The Sports Question: played basketball, tennis, soccer, or wrestled for at least two years in high school and/or college and in at least half of the games/events that were played.



Can explain to an eight year old in words he/she can understand one of the following: (1) how quarks and gluons work, (2) Bicameralism government, (3) the major events that led to World War I.


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I Love Donald Trump

What A Guy!!

What A Guy!!








I’m the new president of the United States

I’m rich and smart and really great

stand up, salute and clap your hands

as I turn this place into white man’s land


Arabs and beaners stick in my craw

I’ve got the power to deport them all

at least 3 million to right to vote

that made my victory an empty joke.


I got friends in Moscow both high and low

though I deny of them I know

still, Vladimir hid the dirty tricks

I did in Russia with my smelly dick.

lovely Cossacks that pissed on my head

while I engage in fellatio

now to good Vlad some blow I owe.


Teresa May found me charming

though I thought her ass size a bit alarming

still, better than Merkel’s by an English mile

so I grabbed her pussy in my usual style.


My fascist staff are just the best

they hate the blacks and Jews and all the rest

this land belongs to white old men

and the shriveled cunts that serve their ends.


Yes I’m the president of the United States

I’m rich and smart and really great

buy my wine, eat my steaks

believe the news I usually fake.

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Snakes In My Blood In My Heart-Blood Warm


Finally here –Gracie Hardings’s Snakes In My Heart-Blood Warmed, Part III of Lamentations.  With verse by Jerrod McKinsey, music from The Avalanches, Awolnation, James Blake, Bon Iver and Mogwai and featuring the Little Rascals, this completes the five part series posted throughout 2016.  The piece embeds video/audio clips hence is not playable on iOS or Android devices (sorry! – iOS version is in the works).

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Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Anymore

blm1‘We Won’t Negotiate With Trump – Period.’ – Patrisse Khan-Cullors

“We’re not going to be taking meetings with Donald Trump. We’re not going to be sitting with his attorney general. What we will be doing is protesting. What we will be doing is calling for an end to white nationalism and fascism.” – Patrisse Khan-Cullors to NPR reporter David Greene on 12 December 2016.

2016 Election Trump ‘Well, Duh‘ – Kellyanne Conway

“Actually, we never planned to talk with Black Lives leadership about anything.  Of course, now I can say ‘we would have loved to have a serious conversation about Black Lives Matter’s concern’s but they took even talking to us off the table.’ It makes us look a whole lot less racist now.” – Kellyanne Conway to Fox News host Maria Bartirom on 13 December 2016.

BLM didn’t like any of the 2016 democratic presidential candidates.  Bernie’s record of civil rights activism was too old and he was too old and he was white and there were some other things too.  Clinton was married to the guy who signed the 1994 omnibus crime bill twenty years ago.   Patrisse was 11 when that happened – she has a good memory – but getting to the woman who knew the guy that did the deed seemed to right the hideous wrong.  Gary Johnson was stupid.   And Jill Stein was stupid too but didn’t  count.

They hardly ever talked about Donald Trump.  Obviously he was white supremacist.  Obviously he demeaned women.  Obviously he was going to send Hispanics back to where ever they came from and then lay into those colored folks who were driving big cars, voting and all that.  Shoot, it was insulting to even talk about black people voting for the shithead who wrangled the republican nomination.

So how did BLM tell their sympathizers to vote?    Don’t Vote.   That was their answer.  Sit out this damn election.

blm4Somehow Hillary Made Bill Do It.

And so many of them did.

Look what happened – Hillary Clinton, Ms. BLM evil itself, lost Wisconsin by 23,000 votes, Michigan by 10,700, and Pennsylvania by 68,000.   Black votes in all of these states were far fewer for Clinton than Obama.   Had she gotten  2% more of the black votes, she would have won the election.   [In Milwaukee, 47000 less people voted in 2016 than in 2012.  Clinton received 44,000 votes less than Obama did then.  Had she gotten half those votes, she would have carried the state.  This story repeats in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida.]

How many black voters made the BLM choice?  Well it is hard to say – none of the pollsters really asked blacks who did not vote, why they didn’t.  But overall, Clinton received 11% less of the black vote than Barack Obama did.  Again, had she picked up just a fraction of these votes, she would be president on January 21st.

blm5Sure – What Possibly Could Go Wrong?

So now Patrisse and her fellow BLM guys are ranting against the hateful Trump.  We think that now,  they would actually preferred to rant against Clinton.  But they urged ‘no choice’ without a lot of thought about the consequences of their consul.   Their world changed big time on November 8th; they are just starting to figure that out.

Clinton was a somewhat arrogant political hack that lasted beyond her time.  But her heart on civil rights and people’s liberties was in the right spot.   All Americans would have seen their lot improve under her.   But if you not white, you better run – Donald Trump don’t like blacks or Hispanics or Muslims or just about anybody else that’s not like him. 

If you want to end white nationalism and fascism in this country, you should have voted on November 8th.  They both just got a big shot in the arm.   You better run.

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Snakes, In My Heart-Blood Warmed–Part V


Part V of Gracie Harding’s five part Snakes In My Heart-Blood Warmed is now available at www.newhudsonexit.orgSnakes  Parts I through IV are journeys through the complex romances of Benito Mussolini.  Ida Dalser (Part I) , Clara Petacci (Part III (not available)), Rachele Guidi (Part IV)  and Eva Braun (Part II) all have a story to tell with Il Duce.   

Eugenio Pacelli is the focus of Part V.  Pacelli had a complex relationship with history. Mussolini and the Italian and German Fascists were a big part of  it.  He will make your heart blood churn and warm. 

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