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Frank Borman – American Hero

1957 – America was losing the Cold War with Russia. The year ended with the shit really hitting the fan. October 1st – The Strategic Air Command initiates 24/7 nuclear alert in anticipation of a Soviet ICBM surprise attack. Something was brewing with the … Continue reading

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A Fortune In Rocks

By Guest Contributor Ping Pong Wilson Mo Brooks Talking Rocks With Ted Cruz In May, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology held hearings on rising ocean levels allegedly caused by global climate warming. Mo Brooks, a senior member … Continue reading

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Making China Great

Trump ran for president on bullshit. ‘Make America Great Again’ – what malarkey. The United States was already the world’s largest economy, had the biggest military, churned out the most movies, TV shows and rock hits of anyone and even … Continue reading

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Revenge Of The Dumbass – James Park And His Idiot Watch

They Can’t Even Spell ‘Idiot’ Right. Yesterday Fitbit announced their idiot smartwatch called the Iconic. It runs for $299.95. This is James Park’s Apple Watch killer. We will see. When the Surge came out in early 2015, it was supposed … Continue reading

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An IQ Test For Dummies

So what’s your IQ? You were probably tested in the sixth grade and maybe they told you your score or maybe just your parents or maybe they just wrote it down in your school record and passed it around from … Continue reading

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The Swindle Of Pie

Arfie and I have been running the New Hudson Exit gallery for nearly 25 years.  It has been a good gig – buying art, selling art, working with scores of wonderful artists.  What could be better? Well the money could … Continue reading

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