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Shed No Tear For Melania Dear

I Wonder Where Daddy Is Tonight. London’s The Independent newspaper today referred to Melania Trump as the ‘most popular’ member of Donald Trump’s family. The article was discussing her decision to hide out at Mar-a-Lago rather than accompany the President … Continue reading

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Ralph The Dog – Waiting For Checkers

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Making China Great

Trump ran for president on bullshit. ‘Make America Great Again’ – what malarkey. The United States was already the world’s largest economy, had the biggest military, churned out the most movies, TV shows and rock hits of anyone and even … Continue reading

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Kim Jong Un – Un

Another week and another missile test by North Korean. Then came the obligatory UN vote for new sanctions, threats to fire bomb a million US cities from Kim Jong Un, followed by Trump vowing to sizzle the Korean peninsula. How … Continue reading

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The New Sheriff In Town

On Friday, President Trump met with Angela Merkel for his first personal meeting with the German Chancellor. Previously he had called Merkel’s policies ‘insane’ and a ‘disaster’ for Germany. He also repeatedly claimed that Germany wasn’t paying their share for … Continue reading

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I Love Donald Trump

              I’m the new president of the United States I’m rich and smart and really great stand up, salute and clap your hands as I turn this place into white man’s land   Arabs … Continue reading

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