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The Resurrection

Flashback to 1964. I was a fifteen year old know it all living in a suburb of the world’s largest steel town – Youngstown, Ohio. My dad did shift work at the mill as a plumber. It didn’t pay the … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Anymore

‘We Won’t Negotiate With Trump – Period.’ – Patrisse Khan-Cullors “We’re not going to be taking meetings with Donald Trump. We’re not going to be sitting with his attorney general. What we will be doing is protesting. What we will … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Shit And Stink And Sometimes I Just Stink

In Australia, Everything Is Upside Down. Unless you lived under a rock throughout 2015, you could not have missed her.  Avant Gardener was played every 30 minutes on Altnation; your local Indie radio station went gaga over Sometimes I Sit … Continue reading

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The Blue Marlin Yacht Club

I hadn’t been to the Blue Marlin Yacht Club for over fifteen years. It is in an area of Fort Lauderdale I used to crisscross every day on my way to work at the Galleria.   I used to stop off … Continue reading

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Obituary – Margaret Lever Morningstar, The Atlantic Constitution’s Last Professional Racist

Albany, GA – Margaret Lever Morningstar, an old style Old South journalist, died at her family’s home in Albany.  She was 92. Mrs. Morninstar was born in Albany on February 21, 1924 to Virginia and Lloyd Levers.  Mr. Levers was … Continue reading

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The Path To Enlightenment Is Smooth

Yowza! That Hurts So the Dalai Lama meets Russell Brand a couple of years ago in Manchester and pulls his beard with a big happy smile on his face.  Six months later, he is India greeting Hindu refugees, pulling more … Continue reading

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