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My Meeting With Donald Trump

I met Donald Trump on May 23rd, 2007.  It was at a Rudy Giuliani fundraiser down in the Park Avenue Armory.  The standard fare to have a cocktail with Rudy was $5,000.  But I was a guest of Iris Dwyer … Continue reading

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Lilly Wachowski – An Unfortunate Affair

We Forget How Good The Special Effects In The Matrix Movies Really Were Lilly Wachowski – the younger brother now sister of the older sister but before 2008 brother who together teamed up to make some grand Hollywood psuedo-SciFi movies … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades Of Craigslist

Bound For Glory, Gracie Harding’s seventh piece of erotica based on Craiglist personals (the Collection Series), was added to the New Hudson Exit website yesterday.  ‘Glory’ focuses on the BDSM and some of its allied fetishes. “BDSM as a sexual … Continue reading

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Obituary – Margaret Lever Morningstar, The Atlantic Constitution’s Last Professional Racist

Albany, GA – Margaret Lever Morningstar, an old style Old South journalist, died at her family’s home in Albany.  She was 92. Mrs. Morninstar was born in Albany on February 21, 1924 to Virginia and Lloyd Levers.  Mr. Levers was … Continue reading

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The Swindle Of Pie

Arfie and I have been running the New Hudson Exit gallery for nearly 25 years.  It has been a good gig – buying art, selling art, working with scores of wonderful artists.  What could be better? Well the money could … Continue reading

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The End Of Deflategate – Finally

Don’t Cross Mom (Tom Brady to Ken Wells, October 2015) We were the first to break the news that Tom Brady’s mom was the likely brains behind Deflategate.  That was in August.   Soon afterwards, Roger Goodell asked Ken Wells to reopen … Continue reading

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