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Segways: “they could do things that would make us shit in our pants.”

  Jeff Bezos said that in 2001 when he saw a Segway demonstrated to him and Steve Jobs.  We now know that Bezos understands a whole lot more about retailing than he does about transportation. Dean Kamen said he … Continue reading

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El Agave Revisited

We are not huge fans of tequila.  If you grew up in the Midwest and South, tequila was this sour tasting concoction with a worm in the bottom of the bottle.  Not that we ever saw a worm in a … Continue reading

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Hunting The Wiley G70

It was time to buy a new car. The old one was showing its miles; I was finishing up a contract that would put some money in my pockets. As Winter was ready to turn things over to Spring, I … Continue reading

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My Old Kentucky Home

  I lived in Kentucky in the early aughts. It’s a beautiful state in many ways – the northern part is shaped by picturesque valleys overlooking the Ohio River (which is really in Kentucky), in the center is bluegrass country … Continue reading

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The Three Florida’s

When people think of Florida, they usually think of two things: Disney World and sunny beaches. Ask a national politician what they think about Florida and they will tell you there are three of them: (1) Southeastern Florida from West … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2018

Somewhere in all of this, Barron got lost. 10. Donald Trump – When it comes to figuring out things you’re thankful for this year, you got to admit Trump is pretty high up on the list. White guys can be … Continue reading

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