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The Dunces of the Confederacy

Light ‘er up says the Prez and by golly they did. A couple hundred thousand of Trump diehard followers broke through Capitol Building’s barriers, door and windows; ran through the place scaring the bejeebers out of Mitch McConnell while listening … Continue reading

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Darwinism in the 21st Century – Revenge of the Dolts

Ronald Reagan and a leprechaun (or so he thinks).   It started in 1980 when Reagan was elected. That year the average Stanford-Binet IQ score decreased nationwide for the first time since the test was introduced in 1916. It would … Continue reading

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Bobby Dee, Where You Be?

I met Bobby Dee twenty-four years ago in Boca Raton. He was a Line Chef at the Lotus Blossom which, at that time, was Boca’s only Thai restaurant and one of southern Florida’s best. A white guy cooking noodles and … Continue reading

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Ten Rules For Living In These Times

Stick it in your pipe and smoke it. Pipe smoking went cheesy a generation ago. In 1960, Drug stores sold a dozen varieties of pipes and double that number brands of tobacco.  Sartre sold more pipes than Peter Yarrow did … Continue reading

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Kroger Fresh

Nov 6 – The Kroger Co. revealed a new logo today and a “fresh for everyone” brand transformation campaign that the company said celebrates its love for customers and associates, a food-first culture and a long history as America’s favorite … Continue reading

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The Queen’s Speech

On August 28th, Boris Johnson went to Queen Elizabeth and requested she prorogue the parliament until October. The government, he said, needed extra time to prepare its ‘exciting new program’ for the speech she gives to open Parliament each year. … Continue reading

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