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Dog Days At The BBC

Today, the dog’s days of summer starts in Finland. This is for real. Google it. The high today in Helsinki was 68°. The low tonight will be 52°. In Miami, the high today was 97°; the low tonight will be … Continue reading

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Miami Art’s Big Art Departs

  Paco Sanchez opened his first studio on SW 17th Avenue in southwest Miami nearly forty-five years ago. SW 17th was a grimy tattered neighborhood then just like it is now. Paco was twenty-five at the time, still sleeping in … Continue reading

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The Unimpeachable Donald Trump

This summer is turning out to be long and hot for President Trump. Robert Mueller is sniffing around the stack of Comey’s memos; Flynn is dog meat waiting for the Senate Intelligence committee to feast upon; Jared Kushner who hasn’t … Continue reading

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The Resurrection

Flashback to 1964. I was a fifteen year old know it all living in a suburb of the world’s largest steel town – Youngstown, Ohio. My dad did shift work at the mill as a plumber. It didn’t pay the … Continue reading

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The New Sheriff In Town

On Friday, President Trump met with Angela Merkel for his first personal meeting with the German Chancellor. Previously he had called Merkel’s policies ‘insane’ and a ‘disaster’ for Germany. He also repeatedly claimed that Germany wasn’t paying their share for … Continue reading

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An IQ Test For Dummies

So what’s your IQ? You were probably tested in the sixth grade and maybe they told you your score or maybe just your parents or maybe they just wrote it down in your school record and passed it around from … Continue reading

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