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Last Stand On The Oche – Eric Bristow

Golf, bowling and darts: America’s everyman sports. Well maybe not darts in this country but the other two for sure. Anyone can do them. You don’t need to be an athlete; you don’t need expensive equipment. You don’t even have … Continue reading

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The Germans Are Joking

“In Buddhist metaphysics, there is the idea of ’emptiness.’ To realize the emptiness of things is to say, ‘This is neither real nor nonexistent.’ Our perception of the candle refers to something real, in the real world. But this candle … Continue reading

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Killer Dads

I was walking my dogs up Fulton St. last week. We were nearing the intersection where Fulton runs into Blue Fin Drive. There is a Chipotle on the corner. Their parking lot takes most of the block going down Fulton. … Continue reading

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Shed No Tear For Melania Dear

I Wonder Where Daddy Is Tonight. London’s The Independent newspaper today referred to Melania Trump as the ‘most popular’ member of Donald Trump’s family. The article was discussing her decision to hide out at Mar-a-Lago rather than accompany the President … Continue reading

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Goodbye Miami

October 2017 Fort Lauderdale – Tooling down the A1A.   Bloomberg recently published a news story about a business man in southern Florida named Ross Hancock who was having bad luck coping with the area’s high tide flood problems. Florida … Continue reading

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  I am old and have a cold – it is four degrees outside the dog sits in front of me entreating black eyes open wide, mouth flickering down a long white snout back and forth His nostrils try to … Continue reading

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