Shed No Tear For Melania Dear

I Wonder Where Daddy Is Tonight.

London’s The Independent newspaper today referred to Melania Trump as the ‘most popular’ member of Donald Trump’s family. The article was discussing her decision to hide out at Mar-a-Lago rather than accompany the President to Davos. The poor girl was pissed at the President again – This time because Stormy Daniel’s shared that she and Donald had a months long fling in summer 2006. This, as you probably don’t recall, was a couple of months after the birth of their son Barron. Melania’s motherly instincts apparently were that hubby should still be caught up in the joy renewed fatherhood – after all, it was his third son thereby increasing the odds by 20% of having an heir with more brains than a coo-coo clock.

But Donald was being Donald. The only really surprising thing is that Melania herself was somehow offended by Trump’s behavior.

For those of you who shed tears for the suffering that Melania may endured as Trump’s marital partner, get a life. The woman is not some innocent back-country Slovakian swept off her feet by a handsome American playboy who now, as years and years of abuse unfolds, finds herself living with a devil she never suspected.

The Owner Has To Check Out The Goods.

Melania knows all about Donald Trump. She lived with the man six years before they married. She watched him cruise into the Miss USA and Miss Universe dressing rooms on award night, ogle the nude contestants up and down, then boast about how he was the only one who could get away with it (he owned the franchise after all) and man, what great stuff he got to see. He didn’t do it just once – he did it every year and Melania not only got to see it, she got the hear Donald boast about it on the radio in 2005 to his buddy Howard Stern. Yak, yak – that’s my Donald.

What about the groping, the kissing, the ‘come up to my room’ after the show stuff? Eight women have accused Trump of molesting them between 2005 and 2013. There were twelve others before then, but let’s just look at what occurred after Melania and Don tied the knot. The women’s stories are all similar – some event threw them in a room with Donald Trump. He comes over, forces the woman to kiss him, squeezes her breasts or ass or both, puts his fingers up her skirt, and then invites her to come up to his room a little later. These were the women who said ‘No’. Some said ‘Yes’. Stormy Daniels for sure but also, for sure, many, many others.

Would any of this surprise Melania? Absolutely not. Remember, she is wife number three. The other two shared plenty of dirt on how Donald played fast and loose on them during their years of bliss together.

No, Melania didn’t miss a thing. She had her own goals and liked the odds. In January 2005, she married to New York’s wealthiest landlord. In March 2006, she gave birth to their son Barron. Melania figured Don was 60 years old, a walking heart attack with a golf club in his hands and lived like a ravaged pig. Time was on her side – she’d just out wait the prick.

You Have To Admit She Has Nice Eyes

What changed was that the prick ran for President and then, against every value America was supposedly based upon, won. That’s when Melania’s world turned wretchedly bleak – now she has to ‘live’ with the man. Worse, she has to appear the devoted spouse as all the dirt comes out: first the Hollywood Access Tapes (and she just buried her head in the sand), then 20 women accusing Trump of some type of sexual assault (buried her head deeper) and now Stormy Daniels. Burying one’s head here gets tricky because Stormy likes to editorialize on what a slob Trump must be to do this to his wife right after his son was born; and how this wasn’t a one night stand – no she and Donald fucked month after month after month. Talk about shoving it Melania’s face.

Women’s March 2018 – Las Vegas

It is easy to be cynical about Melania – she was a social climbing money grubber who never let scruples stand in her way to get what she wanted. Now she has it. To most of us, it looks pretty tacky. No matter how she got there, it is hard not to feel a little sympathy for the poor woman. Just don’t feel too much sympathy. There’s that aphorism about reaping what you sow. Children could learn a real life lesson here from America’s First Lady.

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