The Unimpeachable Donald Trump

This summer is turning out to be long and hot for President Trump. Robert Mueller is sniffing around the stack of Comey’s memos; Flynn is dog meat waiting for the Senate Intelligence committee to feast upon; Jared Kushner who hasn’t said a dozen words in public since Trump’s inauguration has apparently done a whole lot of schmoozing with ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and enough Russian bankers to field a soccer team; then there’s Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Jeff Sessions and J.D. Gordon. Last week Mueller quietly informed Trump that he, America’s twittering President, is under investigation for obstruction of justice.

A Really Bad Idea

The ‘I’ word has been floating around for weeks but now many Democrats and a few lonely Republicans have started to visibly salivate: we have the bastard in our sights; we are going to impeach this guy and throw him out.

Are they crazy?

Trump is unimpeachable. He didn’t plan it that way for sure, but that’s how it is. All those guys who think impeachment is the easy way out of the mess America has got itself into are as dumb as Trump is. They have suckered themselves into a la la land fantasy where real issues get poofed away with Emma Stone’s little tap dance number over the moon.

Why can’t Trump be impeached? It’s pretty simple: (1) The moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party prevents any real number of them from admitting and of Trumps obstruction of justice (or perjury, bribery, theft, etc.) activities are impeachable offenses, and (2) the constitutional Presidential succession plan ensures that whoever replaces Trump is actually more foul and heartless than he is.

It’s sad, but a lot of democrats and most us citizens naively think that if presented with actual evidence of presidential malfeasance, House Republicans would do the right thing and vote articles of impeachment. Even Trump knows better than that. He nailed it during the elections when he noted he could shoot someone in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue and walk away from it. The Republican Party sees Trump as their savior to: [Multiple Choice Answer-Insert Yours Here]

(a) abolish healthcare for all poor/old/disable Americans,

(b) shift corporate and high income tax rates to everyone else,

(c) dismember social security,

(d) dissolve Medicare,

(e) deport the Hispanics, Middle Easterners and Asians from out of the country

(f) rebuild Jim Crow,

(g) revoke woman’s rights,

(h) pass any number of wacko laws that promote 1950s style white majorities rule.


A Good Stiff Whack On The Back Of My Head At Bedtime Is What Works For Me

Trump doesn’t give a shit about any of this stuff (well except maybe the deportation thing) but he will support any of them his Make America Great fan club goes gaga over. You got a guy like Paul Ryan who from time to time publically cringes at Trump’s more egregious lies and slanders but in the end, Ryan would give his eye teeth to gut the tax law, dismember social security and get rid of Medicare. He would help Trump gun down guys on Fifth Avenue if Trump helps him sweep away any social contract American has with its people. There are 246 other Republicans just like Ryan in the House. Trump is their meal ticket to every lunacy they believe. It is all about the end; never about the means. This is power and money. Moral quibbling is just some cocktail hour trash talk.

And what, if by some miracle, Trump did get impeached? This would be the country’s worst nightmare.

Pence Smacking Himself In The Nuts With Lincoln’s Bible

Here is what happens if Trump was removed from office: We would get Mike Pence. Mike Pence. Mike Pence is such a nut case that he makes Donald Trump look like fucking George Washington. Pence boasts that the only thing that matters in his life is his belief in Jesus Christ. That’s it. The rest is just in the way. So what kind of things come from that belief? Well sexism and a misogyny so intense he can’t even meet with a woman alone. Women cause evil thoughts beyond his control. Gays are ghastly. Woman’s bodies are to cook babies in. If you are not an evangelical bible thumper, your only worth is conversion fodder – otherwise you are the damned, a cesspool of iniquity and a danger to earth (in this he shares a common thread with Islamic State theologians). All that stuff the Ryan wants to do? Well that is just super with Mike Pence. Climate change – ain’t even in the Bible. Evolution – made up by the heathen. Some crazy stuff a cracker from Alabama thinks would be good for America – its good with Mike as long the cracker goes to the right church.

So to get a better deal than Trump, you have to take out Mike Pence too. But then you’d get Paul Ryan. He is fouler than the first two guys. And down the line you go. Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVos, Rick Perry, Ben Carson? These are not just complete idiots – they are people whose political life has been dedicated to enriching themselves, promoting racism and disenfranchising anyone who is not part of their little club. For all you blue collar white guys who think you’re in the club already, SURPRISE – you’re not: you are too poor, too stupid, too addled to be their friends.

There is no easy route here. America voted Trump into the presidency and the only way to get the fucker out is to wait until 2020. But in the meantime, we can take back congress in next year’s election. We can start chipping away at the state legislatures to get positioned for 2020’s House redistricting. We can start supporting the next generation of this nation’s leaders. This is hard work. But, unless daddy gave you 100 million dollars, hard work is how you win.


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