Update 2016–Still The Dumbest Country On The Planet


dodge3Collectively America’s Worst Vehicles

In December 2014 we wrote here that Americans were the dumbest people on the planet earth.  This was long before Donald Trump ambled upon the presidential scene.   Our observation was based upon the huge number of Americans who purchased Chrysler products even though the vehicles made by Chrysler has been repeatedly rated since 2008 as the most unreliable products ever build .

This week, Consumer Reports published their Annual Automotive Reliability Report.  Not much changed between this year and last.  Toyota and Lexus (which is actually a Toyota) were again the most reliable cars made.  Chrysler, Dodge and Fiat made the worst cars – again we repeat, that is for eight years in a row.  That is quite an achievement.

dodge1A Lexus Is A Toyota; A Chrysler Is A Dodge.  But A Fiat Is A Fiat.

2016 has been a bad year for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.  In addition to getting the worst cars made award,  they ended up recalling over 11 million cars and trucks.  The recalls were  for everything from self igniting vanity mirrors to engines that seized up on the freeway to head restraints that failed to restrain heads (how hard is to make a head restraint anyhow??).  11 million.  Let that number sink in. 

dodge4Anton Yelchin – R.I.P.

It didn’t help that in June, Anton Yelchin was killed when his Jeep Grand Cherokee ran over him while he was standing behind it in his driveway.  The Jeep had been recalled, of course, for a defective electronic gear shifter.   The gear shift recall was one of 14 recalls Chrysler issued against Yelchin’s Grand Cherokee.  You can’t blame him for dawdling to get the shifter fixed.  He probably was more worried about the exploding speedometer or buggy airbag software that cause the airbags to randomly inflate deploy.

What you can question though, is why the man bought a Jeep.  Even the most basic research would have revealed  it as one of the most unreliable cars on the road and unsafe to drive.

This year, Jeep sales rose 12% compared to 2015.  2015 was Jeep’s best year ever – 1.2 million of the fuckers were bought.

dodge2FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne –”In Italia These Woulda Be Great Numbers!”

So there you go.  11 million recalls.  Year after year of being rated the worst cars ever made and Americans – millions of Americans – buying the crap.  Year after year – Chryslers and Dodges and Fiats.

Americans are dumb.  Dirt stupid.  And I don’t even bring up Donald Trump.

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