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Ping Pong Wilson

PP Wilson Picture

Checkers - The Nixon Years

Ralph Waiting For Checkers #1 (Kennedy/Nixon Debate, August 1960)

Ralph Waiting For Checkers #2 (Whittier, December 1956)

Ralph Waiting For Checkers #3 (Whittier, December 1956)

Nixon Family Christmas (Washington DC, November 1959)



Artist Profile

Ping Pong Wilson is one of this country's top beer drinking championships having won the title in 2001 and 2005. He is the 2017 US Master's Champion and a top five Master's Championship finisher in 2018.

Ping Pong Wilson has been a lifelong admirer of Richard Nixon and family's menagerie of pets. Though Checkers was Nixon's most famous dog, the family also had King Timahoe,Vickie and Pasha, all beauties and all accepting their master's moral terpitude. The Nixon's also raised a variety of goldfish and even had a Nigerian parrot when the kids were in grade school. Little is known about the parrot other than its name - Shiela.

When not at the Richard Nixon Presidential Archive or drinking beer, Ping Pong occasionally writes for this website. Ping Pong Wilson is an official spokesman for the Pabst Brewing Company, Milwalkee, WI.


Address and Contact Information

Ping Pong Wilson

2201 NE 66th St

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Contact: Through New Hudson Exit